The data recovery service includes a risk-free guarantee for all media cards and small thumb drives. We only count for a successful recovery!

Our services are available for all types of media, whether it is your computer’s hard drive or an external storage device (SD cards, CF cards and thumb drives, as well as external hard drives).

If you have re-formatted your media, deleted your media or if you simply cannot see your data, send us your storage device for full data recovery. We offer this service to give peace of mind to photographers and computer users!

We have recovered old and new computer data, SD cards, external hard drives and a lot of removable media. We have served photographers, small business owners, police and fire departments, crime scene units and government agencies!

The recovery process
Most data recovery starts on the day they arrive at our facilities! Normally the process begins with a full analysis of the data to assess possible damage and possible damage, to give us an idea of the probability of a successful recovery. We can also assess the estimates for large media at this stage to confirm the accuracy of the stated price. We will contact you to inform you and to ask any additional questions about your data.

Next, we continue with the data recovery process, in which all data from your media or hard drive is restored. Sometimes they are restored in the same file structure with which they were originally stored. We will keep you informed during this process and we will confirm that we have found the information you are looking for.

Then we can perform an extensive diagnostic test to investigate any hardware problems. If none were found in our initial analysis of the device. If necessary, we can also completely delete the data of the recovered unit.

All data is transferred to a media device and returned. We keep a copy of your stored data in our facilities for at least 30 days to confirm that the data has been received securely.

Recovery levels from level 1 versus level 2 depending on the severity of file damage or hardware damage to the device. Level 1 jobs account for about 80% of all recoveries and cover lost recovery files and damaged data tables. Level 2 represents the remaining 20% and covers most cases of physical damage, defective logic panels and defective read/write heads. Level 1 work is often completed one week after your quote. Work on level 2 requires at least two to three weeks.

Drive Cloning
Our cloning on the hard disk is a great way to make a perfect backup of your operating system.

What are the benefits of cloning my hard drive?

Having a backup system provides excellent security for files such as documents and images, but you can not back up your operating system with all its programs and configurations.

If you have a cloned copy of your hard disk, it means that it will work again in a few minutes in the event of a hard disk failure, so that your company can continue with minimal interruption. This is especially useful if you or your company uses a legacy program for which you do not have a new installation method.

From the point of view of the situation, we can even transfer it to a larger hard disk while retaining all operating systems and programs.

The price depends on the type and size of the device.

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